SEAHEC Health Professions Pipeline in Action


Dr. Grace Price Guest Speaker FHL Nogales

Dr. Grace Price at Nogales High FHL Club Meeting.

UA Family and Community Medicine resident, Dr. Grace Price, met with Nogales Future Healthcare Leaders in September to talk about why she is pursuing a career in family medicine. Dr. Price’s visit is an example of SEAHEC’s “Health Professions Pipeline” in action. Dr. Price was in Nogales serving a month long medical rotation with SEAHEC, and took time out of her busy schedule to talk with students about her experiences in pursuing a medical degree.

SEAHEC’s placement program for medical, dental and health professions students provides opportunities to mentor youth and encourage them to join the health professions by becoming a guest speaker at SEAHEC Future Healthcare Leaders Clubs across southeast Arizona. Cross pollination between our Future Healthcare Leaders Program for high school students and our Health Professions Student Training Opportunities Program ensures there will be fertile ground for “Growing Our Own” health providers.  SEAHEC FHL Program Coordinator Claudia Velasco, who oversees the Nogales club, actively seeks guest speakers to share their experiences as health professionals and health professions students. Contact her at

Dr. Price’s visit was met with enthusiasm by 23 club members, who gained the kind of knowledge and inspiration from her talk, that helps teens conquer doubts about going to college. Having a role model helps reduce “fear of the unknown,” and allows rural teens to “dream big” and act on those dreams to pursue a career in health care.

“I loved Dr. Price because she was so happy,” said one student. “Talking with her inspired me to keep my career choice in the medical field.”
When the students were asked if they could see themselves working in a career similar to Dr. Price’s, 78% said YES! (All 23 responded.)

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