SEAHEC Hosts Lupus Training in Tucson

Tucson – Thursday, August 11th, 2016 Health providers met with Rheumatologist Bridget Walsh, DO at El Rio Community Center’s El Pueblo Clinic last month to discuss the latest in Lupus diagnosis and treatment. The Tucson event was sponsored by SEAHEC, with support from the National AHEC Organization (NAO) and the American College of Rheumatology’s Lupus Initiative. SEAHEC is a member of the National AHEC Organization, and NAO had selected only 3 partner sites in the U.S. – SEAHEC being one of the three chosen to participate, due to our region’s proportionately larger Hispanic/Latino population SEAHEC Executive Director, Gail Emrick, MPH, opened the session with a brief overview of SEAHEC’s mission and programs. She also provided an explanation of the Lupus project. One of the goals of the project, was to reach primary care providers who serve largely Hispanic/Latino populations, as this has been identified as a population who may more frequently go undiagnosed or lacks appropriate referral to a rheumatologist. Learning objectives included identification of Lupus demographics, high risk populations and symptoms, followed by a discussion of diagnosis and guidelines for appropriate treatment. After the introduction, Ms. Emrick introduced Dr. Walsh, DO, a prominent Arthritis and Rheumatology Specialist practicing with… Continue reading

UA BLAISER Students Join “Fight the Bite” Campaign

A new program at the University of Arizona has provided SEAHEC another opportunity to help prepare health professions students for real world practice. This summer, SEAHEC hosted 19 students from Border Latino & American Indian Summer Exposure to Research (BLAISER.) The students joined the efforts of our Future Health Leaders and the FRONTERA group that worked with us in stemming the tide of mosquito born illness. SEAHEC has been working with the Arizona Department of Health Services and other partners to stop the spread of illnesses like Zika and Dengue through a community education campaign known as “Fight the Bite.” Students visited both Nogales Arizona, and Nogales Mexico to spread the word and conduct a survey about the prevalence of mosquito borne illnesses. SEAHEC, working with FRONTERA and BLAISER students collected over 200 surveys from community members. Learning objectives for the BLAISER  students included Gain exposure to rural border community life in both US and Mexico Compare and contrast built environments and their impact on health Learn about priority health issues that impact our border Practice health education & outreach strategies in both US and Mexican settings Reflect on similarities and differences between  the role of health workers in U.S. and Mexico Upon… Continue reading

The Missing Pieces in “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform

Moving the Dialogue from Border Security to Food and Livelihood Security We believe that including food security and development strategies as part of comprehensive immigration policy will reduce migration to the U.S. more effectively than border security alone does. An investment in sustainable, locally-driven food systems in Mexico and Latin America could not only improve community well-being but also mitigate migration north to the U.S. by addressing key root causes. WHAT IS FOOD SECURITY? The World Food Summit of 1996 defined food security as existing “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, save, nutritious food to maintain a healthy, active life.” WHAT DOES FOOD SECURITY HAVE TO DO WITH MIGRATION? Evidence exists that many unauthorized immigrants come to the U.S. because at home they cannot feed their families. A study in 2008 by Catholic Relief Services in Central America found that lack of sufficient food was one of the main causes of migration and the majority of families are purchasing food with the money they receive in remittances (money sent home from family members working in the U.S.). 1 KEY FINDINGS AMONG FAMILIES IN CENTRAL AMERICA: 52.9% of households reported lack of sufficient food. (82% in Nicaragua) 40% of… Continue reading