Tohono O’odham Future Health Leaders Summer Camp 2015

Tohono O'odham Summer Camp Project

  From June 22nd-28th Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center (SEAHEC) and the Tohono O’odham Nation hosted the Third Annual Future Health Leaders Summer Camp at the Tohono O’odham Community College (TOCC) in Sells, Arizona. The Tribal College hosted 16 O’odham high school students who shared an interest in exploring the vast world of healthcare and its professions. The group of eight boys and eight girls, who come from various districts across the reservation, stayed in the TOCC dorms during the weeklong exploration of health careers and O’odham culture. A key strategy of the summer camp is to expose students to health concepts through activities that highlight both O’odham Himdag (O’odham culture, way of life, and values) and modern healthcare practices. Continue reading

Frontera Border Tour 2015

SEAHEC’s Frontera Border Tour was a great success this Summer. SEAHEC hosted 13 health professions students who came to Nogales for three days to explore health issues and healthcare delivery systems in rural communities. The students spent their first day in Sells, where they were welcomed by Jenny Becenti, Health Department Director for the Tohono O’odham Nation. They spent the day in Sells, where they met with Tohono O’odham Chukut Kuk District Chair and Vice Chair: Elaine Delahanty and Kendall Jose to learn about how culture influences health and healthcare. Ms Delahanty and Mr. Jose also talked about how health and healthcare delivery are influenced by proximity to the US Mexico border, which transects the Tohono O’odham nation. The students also participated in a discussion of how O’odham traditional medicine practices are incorporated into healthcare in the Tohono O’odham community. Continue reading