CONGRATULATIONS! “My experience in SEAHEC was a great one. I had an amazing time learning about different professions in the medical field. I had the privilege of being the president of this club for my 2014-2015 senior year. Now that I am graduating, I will continue my education at the University of Arizona and pursue a career as a pharmaceutical scientist. I want to thank SEAHEC for supporting me throughout my high school years. I will conclude this by saying my senior quote. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Ricardo Lira, Jr. President, Nogales FHL Club 2014-2015 Ricardo also received a Gates Millennium Scholarship, and the Principal Merit Excellence Award along with many other scholarships and awards. “I have been a proud member of SEAHEC for four consecutive years. Being in SEAHEC has made me develop skills that will help me achieve my goal of becoming a doctor. I love how SEAHEC gives us the opportunity to have healthcare presenters, hands-on activities and field trips. I am grateful to have gotten the SEAHEC Scholarship because this will help me with my college education at the University of Arizona. I will major in Physiology and Chemistry… Continue reading

NFD Launches Community Paramedicine Training

Nogales Fire Department Partnering with Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center With support from Santa Cruz Community Foundation The Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center (SEAHEC) and the Nogales Fire Department (NFD) developed The Arizona Community Integrated Paramedic Pilot Project (CIPP) to improve community health outcomes through reducing non-emergency use of the 911 system. These reductions are being implemented through using the department’s 911 call data to gain insight into community health education needs and to train staff and allocate resources to meet those needs. It is hoped that community health outcomes will be positively impacted by reducing hospital emergency department (ED) visits by chronic disease sufferers, lowering admission to hospital emergency rooms for high utilization users of the 911 system, and by reducing readmission in the selected population with chronic diseases and other issues which can be reduced through educational interventions. SEAHEC and partner NFD were awarded a small grant from the Santa Cruz Community Foundation in August 2014. In September, 2014 SEAHEC contracted two public health students to help the NFD develop a system for analyzing the data from 911 calls. Records from calls that occurred in 2013 and 2014 were used to look for patterns of 911… Continue reading

SEAHEC Hosts Students from Mt. Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

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SEAHEC hosted another successful visit for students from Mt. Sinai University’s Icahn School of Medicine in March. For the past seven years, the student run group, “Medical Students Making Impacts,” has collaborated with SEAHEC to organize a week-long border service learning experience for Mt. Sinai students who are pursuing a health profession.  The experience gives students an opportunity to learn about the benefits of practicing in rural Arizona, and to gain perspective on the unique health challenges of rural border communities. Continue reading

Thank You for Celebrating with Us

SEAHEC would like to thank friends, partners, students, and supporters for helping us celebrate 30 years of success in “growing our own” healthcare workforce, on April 7th 2015. We hope you enjoyed the celebration as much as we did. SEAHEC would like to extend a special thanks to those who made financial contributions to our mission on Arizona Gives Day: Read More From The: Continue reading