BLAISER Students Return to Help “Fight the Bite”

2017 BLAISER thm

On July 19-20 SEAHEC hosted 20 students from University of Arizona’s Border Latino & American Indian Summer Exposure to Research (BLAISER.) program. The students arrived in Nogales on Wednesday, July 19th to participate in the local “Fight the Bite” campaign to stop the spread of mosquito borne illness in border communities. SEAHEC has worked with community partners for the past year to address the spread of mosquito borne illness in southeast Arizona. “Fight the Bite,” is a U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention campaign that is implemented at the state and local level across the country. It utilizes a combination of mosquito surveillance, a method of systematically evaluating the mosquito population, collection of data on incidence of infections,  and community health education. The combined strategy reduces infected mosquito populations and empowers residents to take steps to minimize exposure to Zika, Dengue, and other illnesses by raising awareness and depriving mosquitoes of habitat. Public health education campaigns also provide unique learning experiences for future health professionals, enabling students to get hands on experience in rural communities that are most in need of health care providers. One member of the BLAISER group commented that “It just gave me a real experience… Continue reading